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Converting News and Insights

Electrode Pads — Tips for Manufacturing and Design

3 Major Gasket Seal Design Tips

Medical Adhesive Tape: Types and Best Practices for Wound Care

How Contract Manufacturing Services Expand Your Production

Custom Die Cut Printing: Cost Factors

3 Benefits of Using Polycarbonate Film

Nitrile Gasket (Buna N) Benefits and Uses

10 Questions Converters Should Ask YOU About Custom Die Cut Adhesive

5 Benefits of Adhesive Patches and Transdermal Absorption

4 Production Quantity Myths Explained and Debunked

Hot Melt vs. Heat Activated Adhesive

Consequences of Choosing the Wrong PSA Adhesive

Finding the Best Glass Adhesive Tape

Choosing the Best Medical Converting Company

What is Polypropylene Tape and How is it Used?

Neoprene Gasket Chemical Resistance: Choosing a Material

An Overview of Thermal Insulation Tape

The Best Medical Device Adhesives

Foam Gasket Tape — An Ultimate Guide

Optically Clear Adhesive Tape: Factors to Beware

3 Best Adhesive Types for Gaskets

Electroplating Masking Tape: Uses and Examples

Hot Melt vs. Acrylic Tape: Which Should I Choose?

5 Questions To Optimize Your Rubber Gasket Seal Adhesive Design

Kitting in Manufacturing: Examples and Advantages

Silicone Gaskets: A Comprehensive Overview

Automated Assembly vs. In-Process Assembly

Flat Bed, Rotary, Laser Die Cutting Methods

Guide to Heat and Chemical Resistant Labels

Adhesive Tape Converters: Who They Are and Their Purpose

Finding the Best Adhesive Tape for Rubber to Metal

Let's Learn About Laser Die Cutting

Adhesive Foil: Different Types and Uses

What Are Adhesive Release Liners? How Do You Select One?

Thermal Management in Electric Vehicles: Using Tapes

Should I Use Die Cutting for My Project?

What You Need To Know About UL 9540

Medical Device Component Manufacturer Trends in 2023

Gasket Tape vs. Alternative Gasket Adhesives

Why Does Adhesive Manufacturing Cost So Much in 2023

Your Guide to Heat Activated Adhesives

4 Critical Considerations When Choosing a Wound Dressing Adhesive

Sample Express — Who it’s For and How it Works

4 Advantages of Choosing Acrylic Foam Tape

Beginner’s Guide To Microfluidic Applications

What Does the Strouse Re-order Process Look Like?

Everything You Need to Know About EMI Shielding

What are the Types of Heat Resistant Tape?

How To Choose the Best Gasket Manufacturer

3 Most Common Adhesive Liner Issues (with Solutions)

What is Rotary Die Cutting? Problems it Solves and Uses

Types of High-Temperature Gasket Materials

How Are Graphite Gaskets Used and Where Can I Find Them?

The Advantages of Using Double-Sided Medical Tape

5 Advantages of Proper EMI and RFI Shielding Techniques

The 6 Best Flexible Material Suppliers for Manufacturers

What is Hydrogel, and How is it Used?

Aerospace Adhesives: Common Uses and Where To Find Them

Automotive Adhesives: 8 Types and How They’re Used

What Do Product Updates Look Like with Strouse?

These Are Your Application Temperatures For 3M VHB Tape

Why is My Adhesive Failing?

Open Cell vs Closed Cell Foam: Which Suits My Design?

PTFE vs Teflon Gaskets: Is There a Difference?

Adhesive Transfer Tape: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Best EV Battery Insulation and Shock Absorption Materials and Designs

Transparent Film Dressings: How They're Made and Where to Find Them

Your Guide to Thermal Interface Material

The Basics of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape

Polyimide Tape and Kapton Tape: What You Need to Know

3M VHB Tape Application Guide: A Superior Bonding Solution

Microneedle Patches: Definition, Function, and How They’re Manufactured

Double Sided Tape 101: Thin Bonding Series

What Impact Does Material Order Quantity Have on My Production?

Which 3M VHB Should You Use? 3M VHB Tape Selection Guide

Types of Poron Foam and the Pros and Cons of Each

What are the Best Materials to Seal EV Batteries?

What Is a Gasket? Everything You Need to Know

6 Common Mistakes in Automating your Manufacturing

When Closed-Cell Foam Is The Best Option For Your Gasket

Your Guide to 3M VHB Tape

What Are EMI Shielding Gaskets and What Do They Do?

Heavy-Duty Double Sided Tape: Considerations and Best Uses

5 Common Problems With Transdermal Patch Delivery and Adhesion

EV Battery Components: The Best Adhesives

Moving from Prototyping to Full-Scale Manufacturing: Common Issues

What are Transdermal Patches and their Different Types?

How To Choose Tape for Outdoor Applications

Why Do I Need to Tell You About Our Application and Process?

Corona Surface Treatment: What is it and Should I Treat My Materials?

Foam Tape Guide: Uses, Benefits, and Examples

Adhesive Lamination: How Does it Work and When Do You Use it?

What’s the Price Difference Between Simple and Complex Die Cuts?

What Are The Best Medical Tapes for Sensitive Skin (Infant and Elderly)?

Roll Slitting Services: How Much Do They Cost?

Which Roll Slitting Method is Best for My Product?

What Are the Different Types of Roll Slitting Services?

What Are IP Ratings and How Does it Affect My Gasket Decision?

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Custom Die Cut Parts?

The Best Waterproof Tapes for Skin

How To Turn an Idea Into a Product and Get It Manufactured

Touring Your Manufacturer’s Facility: What are the Benefits?

How To Choose a Thermally Conductive Adhesive

How Much Do Custom Die Cut Gaskets Cost?

Masking Tape Rolls or Die Cuts: How Die Cuts Save Time and Money

3 Automotive Soundproofing Issues and How To Solve Them

Should I Switch Flexible Material Converters?

The 5 Different Types of Adhesive Bonding Materials

What is Adhesive Bonding? A Beginner's Guide With Examples

The 7 Best Stick to Skin Tapes

Mechanical Fasteners vs. Adhesive Tapes: Pros and Cons of Each

What is Protective Film and What Are its Benefits to my Industry?

What Are Strouse's Manufacturing Capabilities?

What is the Minimum Quantity to Order Die Cut Parts?

What Types of Features Can I Add to my Custom Die Cut?

3 Factors to Consider Before Changing Your Die Cut Design

Why Do My Higher Part Quantities Have a Lower Price Per Part?

5 Benefits of Disclosing Your Project Management to a Converter

5 Die Cut Applications for EV Battery Production in 2023

Why Does Strouse Cover Part of My Tooling Cost?

The Benefits of a Blanket Purchase Order for Flexible Material Converting

What Happens After I Place my Purchase Order with Strouse?

What Measurements Should I Include in the Drawing of My Die Cut Part?

How Long is My Adhesive Shelf Life?

How To Prepare for Your Discovery Meeting with Strouse

Why Do I Need to Pay for Die Cut Tooling?

Why Do I Need a Die Cut Trial?

I Asked for a Sample, Now What?

I Requested a Die Cut Quote, What's Next?

Tips To Succeed in Your Adhesive Design Phase

The Pros and Cons of Using Your Own Adhesive Material

Why Do I Have to Sign a Mutual NDA to Work With an Adhesive Converter?

Which Flexible Materials Can You Use to Make Custom Die Cuts?

3 Ways to Avoid Setup Waste and Reduce the Cost of Your Adhesive Part

What's Included in My Custom Tape Quote and How Can I Compare it?

Am I Ready to Talk to an Adhesive Converter?

PORON Foam XRD: Is it Right For You?

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Hydrogel

What are My Adhesive Options?

How To Prepare for the Design Phase of Your Die Cut Part

How To Properly Store Adhesive Tape

Why Medical Tape Converting Costs More: Is it worth it?

The Greatest VHB Foam Mounting Tapes Of All Time

How To Scale Up Your Adhesive From Prototype to Production

Why Do We Need to Discuss My Die Cut Tolerances?

5 Tips for Overcoming Lead Times

Top 10 Best Wound Dressing Tapes of 2022

The Cost of a Die Cut

A Review of 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 91022

Liquid Conductive Epoxy vs. Electrically Conductive Transfer Tape

What is HDPE and Where Can You Find it

Why You Should Choose 3M's 5952 Adhesive Tape

The Problem of Using Rolls of Tape Instead of Die Cut Adhesives

Crucial Applications of Die Cut Foam Tape

Overview of Wound Dressings

Best in Class Hook and Loop Tape

The Best Masking Tapes For Custom Masking Tape

Why You Should Use a Converter to Cut Double Sided Tape

How Printing Becomes a Part of Die Cutting Services

Skin Adhesive Silicone vs. Skin Adhesive Acrylic

So, You're Looking To Use Electrically Conductive Transfer Tape

An Overview of 3M's F9473pc VHB Adhesive Transfer Tape

6 Surprising Applications of Custom Die Cut Adhesives

Here's Why EPDM Gaskets Might be The Right Fit For You

How Die Cut Adhesive Tape Can Improve Production

Here's the Latest Rundown on Precision Die Cutting

The Difference Between a Gasket and a Seal

Die Cut vs. Kiss Cut: Are They the Same?

Kiss Cutting

Everything You Need to Know About Die Cut Adhesives

6 Factors that Impact Transdermal Patch Delivery Systems

Vital Aspects of Manufacturing Wound Dressing Tape

What is the Correct Gasket Material for Your Next Project?

Top 5 Benefits of Using Heat-Resistant Gasket Material

Is Your Adhesive Tape Converter Limiting Your ROI?

Top 4 Tips for Using Dual Lock Tape

Life-Changing Applications of Adhesive Tape: 10 Essential Uses!


Microfluidics Manufacturing: Converting Materials for Multilayer Microfluidics Devices

How Automotive Surface Protective Film Saves Thousands of Rework Hours

Adhesive Tape vs. Liquid Adhesives: A Quick Comparison Checklist

Advantages of Adhesive Transfer Tape for Gasket Applications

Products That Are Being Replaced By Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

What is Peel Adhesion? How Does It Drive Flexible Material Converting?

The Importance of Working with a Full-Service Adhesive Tape Converter

Converting Adhesive Materials For Microfluidic Devices

Thin Bonding: Double Sided Tape, Adhesive Transfer Tape, and Much More

11 Benefits of Purchasing 300LSE For Your Next Engineering Project

What is the Right Level of Automation for Your Converting Project?

Your Guide to 3M 468MP Adhesive Transfer Tape

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Series #3: 4 Reasons to Choose Your Adhesive Converter Wisely

Microfluidics in Medicine: Diagnostics

Why is ISO Cleanroom Certification so Important?

What is the Carrier or Backing Material on Adhesive Products?

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Series #2: Why 3M VHB Tape is a Superior Bonding Solution

4 Big Benefits of Bonding Tape

What is Tensile Strength and How is It Measured?

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Series #1: Performance and Versatility

What It Means to be a 3M Preferred Converter

4 Key Materials When Building Microfluidic Devices