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Lee K. HouseAug 22, 20232 min read

What Does the Strouse Re-order Process Look Like?

After a successful first run, you’re ready to order more custom products. 

But how do you place a second order, and what should you know about it before you do?

Since the dawn of Strouse, we’ve taken thousands of re-orders from our partners and clients, and to make the process run smoothly, we’ve written out a step-by-step on the re-ordering process.

Once you’ve read through this guide, you’ll understand what the re-order process looks like with Strouse and how to place another order. 

What Are the Steps to a Strouse Re-Order?

Whether you placed your last order three months ago or three years ago, the process of completing a re-order is the same. Today, you’ll determine the most time-effective way to place your next order with Strouse.


Our quotes are applicable for 30 days, after which point you’ll need to request a re-quote on your project. Your quote has a time limit due to raw material prices, which are often subject to change. 

Getting a re-quote is the first step to placing your re-order. To request a re-quote, you’ll want to email us at:

strouse re-orders

This is Strouse’s go-to contact for order requests, and it’s monitored hourly. Also, it could be worth re-exchanging contact information and mailing addresses depending on how long it’s been since our last contact. 


Once you’ve received your re-quote, you can go ahead and choose whether or not to place a re-order. 

Q: What information should you include in your email when you reach out to place a re-order?

A: When you place an order, you’ll want to include any relevant information you have on hand to provide our team with a better reference for your request. 

For instance, you might include one or more of the following:

  • Your previous purchase order number
  • Purchase acknowledgments
  • Invoices
  • Part number 

What Happens After I Place my Purchase Order?

What Should You Know About Re-Ordering Parts?

Re-ordering parts is a relatively simple process, but it becomes more complicated if there are changes you’re hoping to make to your parts.

Changes in design, material or packaging will change the overall process, meaning your product must pass through our engineering development.

By looking over your design changes, our engineers can ensure that your part functions properly during production and meets the same specified measurements and tolerances. However, as a result, your re-order is going to take slightly longer since it necessitates a product update rather than simply building the same part in the same manner as previously. 

Placing Your Order

Now that you know how to place your re-order with Strouse, you’re ready to navigate the process seamlessly.

In addition, if you’re planning on placing recurring orders, it might be in your best interest to consider placing blanket purchase orders to plan ahead of time, reduce material lead times, and achieve a better minimum order quantity.

Once again, feel free to shoot us a message at the email address mentioned above to begin the process of a material re-quote. Or, if you’re not looking for a re-quote, feel free to check out more about the process on our Learning Center.

Learning Center


Lee K. House

Copywriter & Content Creator for Strouse. Lee graduated from the University of Alabama in the Spring of 2022 with a double major in English and Spanish.