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Adhesive Tape Converter
Scott ChambersMar 4, 20214 min read

The Importance of Working with a Full-Service Adhesive Tape Converter

The world of adhesive technology is an exciting place these days! Adhesive manufacturers are pushing the limits of science and technology, and the industry is enjoying:
• Product advancements and innovations
• New, sophisticated converting equipment
• Improved production rates, reduced labor costs, minimized waste, less rework

Unsolvable application challenges are now being solved as manufacturers look to use new materials in their processes and products. Yet, technological advancements on their own aren’t worth much. They require industry knowledge and insights from an expert adhesive converter to capitalize on advances in technology.

Leveraging an Adhesive Tape Converter To Turn Materials into Usable Components

As advanced as it may be, rarely does a large roll of tape or adhesive provide the value that manufacturers need. It’s necessary to partner with an adhesive converter to get materials in shapes, sizes, and formats that create usable parts and components.

In order to transform raw materials into final products, the right converter — usually a full-service converter — takes time to understand each and every project, including the goals of the end product. Often, a challenge pops up that the manufacturer never knew existed, or a problem gets solved before it ever happens.

Adhesive tape converting pros use their experience with every flexible material to ensure solutions are scalable and designed for manufacturing (DFM), which likely includes a level of automation.

Even better, many converters typically get special price breaks, expedited shipping, and unique length/width rolls that non-converters don’t have access to. However, just like any industry, no two converters are the same, and it’s worth the effort to determine which is the best partner for you.

The Value of a Full-Service Adhesive Converter

A manufacturer should be able to approach a converter with a project at any stage of development — just an idea, a napkin sketch, or a complete technical drawing. With proper focus, the right converter turns that concept into a real solution, and here’s how.

As mentioned, a top-end adhesive tape converter first works to understand the challenges a customer faces with their product or assembly. This discovery process provides valuable insight into how design engineers should build their solutions. Only then can an adhesive tape converter produce a sample/prototype, test different materials and designs, and manufacture a final product that ensures the right solution has been implemented.

Now we’re approaching the level of service that qualifies as “full service,” and this beginning-to-end dedication isn’t for everyone. It includes meeting strict deadlines and ensuring that a designed solution drives a positive business outcome for the customer. Providing what a customer asks for is one thing, but it takes true pride to ensure it’s the best solution for their business.

When you consider everything you’ve just read about what a great partner brings to the relationship — expertise, engineering, knowledge of (and access to) new technology, dedication, value — it becomes clear that a true full-service adhesive tape converter is quite rare.

It’s not always easy to identify which converters are adhesive-wielding problem-solvers and which can’t see beyond the project in front of them. Choose incorrectly, and you’re stuck with out-of-spec parts, late shipments, project failures, and wasted dollars. That’s why we created a valuable Checklist for Choosing an Adhesive Converter.

Don’t forget; there are also questions converters should ask YOU about die cut adhesives in order to maximize their skills and ensure you get the final products you need.

3M Preferred Converter Solutions are the Best Solutions

It’s impossible to discuss what it takes to be a full-service adhesive tape converter without mentioning the leader in the industry, 3M.

3M’s end products and pre-converted adhesives are known worldwide for their excellence, and they hold converters to those top-quality standards, too. Those that make the cut — only about 60 converters out of thousands operating in America — are invited to join the “3M Preferred Converter” program.

The recognition for converting excellence is appreciated, yet it’s the additional perks that really get these full-service converters excited:
• Regularly connecting with 3M’s design engineers
• Using 3M’s world-class lab
• Taking advantage of 3M’s training programs
• Discussing market strategy with 3M to build the industry

That’s why 3M converter solutions are so trusted. Strouse is a full-service adhesive tape converter and 3M Preferred Converter with over 34+ years of experience. We build converting solutions for manufacturers of all types: medical, automotive, electronics, aerospace, industrial, and many other industries.

Want to know more about flexible material converting? We created a guide just for you! Click here to get our Flexible Material Converting Q&A Guide. Of course, you’re always encouraged to bring us your questions or comments: contact Strouse, or ask an engineer today!




Scott Chambers

As the VP of Sales and Marketing for Strouse, Scott oversees Strouse's Go-To-Market Strategy. Scott has a BS in Business Management from Coastal Carolina, a JD from the University of Baltimore School of Law, and an MBA from Indiana University.