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The Importance of Working with Full Service Adhesive Tape Converters

Posted by Sue Chambers Aug 31, 2016 9:23:09 PM

With the advancements in adhesive technologies and sophisticated converting equipment, manufacturers are able to solve application challenges that were once unsolvable. They’re improving production rates, reducing labor costs, minimizing waste, and eliminating rework. As adhesive manufacturers like 3M continue to push the limits of science and technology with innovation, manufacturers are looking to utilize these materials in their processes and products.

Leveraging an Adhesive Tape Converter To Turn Materials into Usable Components

The best way for manufacturers to access and test these products is to contact adhesive tape converters. Rarely does a large roll of tape or adhesive provide the value that manufacturers need. Converters partner with adhesive manufacturers and add value to the materials by cutting the tape into usable parts and components for manufacturers. Not only that, but converters typically get special price breaks, expedited shipping, and unique length and width rolls that non-converters do not have access to. However, that doesn’t mean you should work with just any converter.

Understanding the Value of Full-Service Adhesive Converters

Full-service adhesive tape converters are rare, and the value is the expertise and experience in engineering the right solution.  Often they help customers to solve problems with adhesive solutions they did not know were available. They aide in material selection and provide materials in the format that customers need. It's why we've included this in our valuable Checklist to Choosing an Adhesive Converter.

Full-service adhesive tape converters work to understand the challenges a customer faces with their product or assembly process. This discovery process provides valuable insight into how the design engineers should build their solution.

Full-service adhesive tape converters work with manufacturers from concept, to testing, through manufacture of the final product to ensure the right solution has been implemented. Whether you have an idea, a napkin sketch, or a full technical drawing, the right converter can turn these concepts into a real solution. Samples or prototypes are often a necessary step in the process so that manufacturers can test different materials and designs to find the best fit for their process. The best converters usually have a sample program that helps you meet the strict deadlines that design projects often face. Full-service converters will also ensure they’ve designed a solution that provides positive business outcomes for your company. It’s one thing to provide what the customer asks for but to take the time to ensure it’s the best solution for their business can make all the difference in the success of a product.

Strouse is a full service adhesive tape converter and 3M Preferred Converter with over 30 years of experience. We build solutions for manufacturers of all types including medical, automotive, electronics, industrial and many other markets.  


Sue Chambers

Written by Sue Chambers

President and CEO of Strouse