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Ensure Stability and Quietness in Your Products

Expert Vibration Control and Sound Dampening

Strouse provides quality materials and components for vibration control, vibration isolation, sound dampening, and noise reduction. We have your back whenever you need materials for the soundproofing feature of your applications. Browse through our website to find the best sound dampening solutions for you.

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Noise pollution is a big problem anywhere in the world. It is not only machines and devices that create noises and vibrations that irritate people. There is also traffic noise, music from concerts, and even the wind blowing against the trees. Too much noise and vibration can damage health and sensitive components and distract people while they’re trying to work.

Fortunately, you can manage, improve, and possibly remove these annoying sounds using sound dampening and anti-vibration products. You can efficiently and adequately design solutions, applications, and products without acoustic interference with our vibration mounts, sound dampening foams, and anti-vibration cushions.

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The primary sound-dampening solution offered by Strouse is insulation materials in the form of foam and cushions. They are specialized sound-dampening products that are fire-resistant, lightweight, and non-toxic. We designed these insulation materials to be ideal for various applications and industries.

Use these foams and cushions to block or absorb unwanted noise and as insulation for soundproofing, waterproofing, lightweighting, and many other applications. Strouse made our vibration control and sound-dampening solutions with your needs in mind. Rest assured that they improve safety, enhance comfort, and are convenient to use.

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Many people can appreciate the peace brought by silence. The world just has too much noise from the sound of engines, the vibration of pumps and generators, and more. They create unwanted noises that are not only frustrating for your clients – they may also affect their perception when testing a device, item, or application while determining its quality and capabilities.

At Strouse, we offer expert solutions that help our partners develop the products their clients look for. We provide superior quality sound-dampening and vibration control products to keep various devices and machines silent. With this, nothing can affect your customer’s awareness and negatively affect the quality of the device you are developing and testing.

This is possible with the expertise of our professional sound-dampening professionals. They are expert engineers highly experienced in designing sound and vibrations solutions. With their help, Strouse can provide products and services capable of meeting the demands of businesses and other professionals in need of sound-dampening materials for their applications and products.

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“Working with Strouse has been very beneficial to us. Always very responsive and they have helped us tremendously in troubleshooting some of our processes and offered solid solutions for improvement. That's money in the bank. We look forward to continuing to apply their expertise to our product lines, both new and existing.”
PhilAP Plasman