Real-world Samples with Minimal Expense or Commitment.



The cost and risk involved with trying something new can be substantial. Wouldn’t it be valuable to try new ideas and applications without a huge up-front expense or commitment?

Imagine having your own converter that you could work with closely to design solutions fast. Really fast. How about getting samples in a matter of days, not weeks or months? STROUSE is that converter.

Sample Express is Strouse’s rapid prototype delivery system that enables engineers and designers to get a sample die-cut or material quickly without a lot of hassle. 

Sample Express Process

Step 1

Submit Your Idea

Fill out the form on this page and our engineering team will handle your request right away. Our engineers will contact you confirming information about your idea and the requirements for the sample part.

Step 2

Let Us Get to Work

Our engineers will begin to design and develop your sample part. Our goal is to ship you an actual part that you can test in 48 hours or less.

Step 3

Evaluate Your Sample

Measure the part. Fit it into your design. See how the part works for your application. This provides you with the full experience of using an adhesive solution without the cost and commitment required to developing a product. Our engineers will follow up to answer any questions you may have about your sample.

Get Started Today With Sample Express

Provide as much information as you can along with any drawings or sketches you may have. Don’t worry about it being perfect; we can work with any idea you send us whether it’s a napkin sketch or an FDA approved medical device component ready for full manufacture.