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What is the cost?

Let's talk about the topic that other converters are avoiding

How much does my project cost, and what affects the price?

Your Die Cut Project is Unique to You

Your drawings, materials, processes, etc., are all unique to you. We cannot create a calculator to give you an exact price for your project.


With the factors, you can design economically efficient parts without sacrificing your desired features.
Hold on, I'm just buying rolls
There are thousands upon thousands of flexible materials, and the list grows every year. We, unfortunately, aren't able to list all of them
The Factors that Affect

Die Cutting Projects

Die Cutting projects have two primary cost components: material and labor. Both components have nuances to them, which we explain in the below article.

Learn about the costs of die cutting

The Factors that Affect

Custom Slit Rolls

Much like die cutting, custom slitting costs are made up of materials and labor. However, the factors are a bit different. 

Learn about the costs of roll slitting

Credit Options

If you are looking for terms options, below is what we offer. This is based on a credit reference we will request before acknowledging your first purchase order.

Full Payment Upfront

This option is ideal for new customers, start-ups, or those who prefer a straightforward, one-time payment. It simplifies the transaction process and allows for immediate processing of the order.

50% Upfront, 50% at Shipment

This option provides a balance of security and flexibility. Customers can demonstrate their commitment with an initial payment, while the remainder is due upon shipment. 

Full Payment at Shipment

This option is offered to customers who have established a track record of reliability. Payment is due in full when the order is shipped, providing a convenient process for trusted clients.

Net 30 Terms

This credit term is available to our well-established clients with a strong credit history. It allows for payment to be made within 30 days of receipt of the goods, offering maximum flexibility for businesses that manage larger cash flows.