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Lee K. HouseFeb 28, 20243 min read

3 Ways to Grow Your Supplier Relationship With Strouse

“If you wanna be my supplier, you gotta get with my precision converting process.” — Not The Spice Girls

As a supplier, you’re constantly seeking opportunities for beneficial company partnerships. Yet, you might wonder what’s the best way to get your foot in the door.

Having bought flexible materials for over three decades, Strouse has worked alongside our fair share of suppliers. If you’re hoping to establish or grow your relationship with Strouse, we’re ready to help.

This article will help you understand what we value in a supplier and provide tips on adding value to converter partnerships. 

How To Grow Your Supplier Relationship

The Best Material Suppliers for Manufacturers

As a supplier, you’ve likely run the gauntlet of promoting your materials to other converting companies. However, these factors will make an outstanding supplier stand out amidst a sea of marketing emails. 


Imagine going to buy a car, but when you ask to drive it, the salesperson just shakes their head. 

Hear me out: converting companies are full of engineers who would love to try out your product and consider it for future applications. Personally, I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen our PDE team swap out the materials they have on hand to see if one of them functions in a particular product. 

Having a roll of your material on hand can make all the difference when prototyping parts for customer designs. 


Material specifications allow us to quickly deduce whether your material might function in a particular application or serve as an adequate substitute.

Resources such as a database or catalog of datasheets can accelerate and improve the decision-making process and the rate at which a converter purchases materials. 

  • Do you have any guides or curriculum about your materials?
  • How do the properties and pricing of your products compare to other similar materials? 


Customers often approach us because they’re already speccing in a material that isn’t working. Alternatively, they’ll tell us what they want, but we’ll also check if there are less expensive or more effective alternatives. 

Listing material comparisons will assist customers during their selection process and help your material appeal based on its similarity to familiar materials. 


Have you ever had to send an awkward third follow-up email to someone’s boss? And then, possibly an even more awkward follow-up to THEIR boss?

Although it might seem obvious, good communication goes a long way when it comes to mutual trust, especially:

  • Getting us in touch with the right people
  • Timely communication  

The converting business is not just about manufacturing. It also involves designing, prototyping, and validation stages, meaning we’ll likely have questions about the technical properties and pricing of your materials along the way. By connecting us with your experts, you’ll reduce the amount of go-between and speed up the process. In addition, a clear point of contact where we can request sample rolls makes a massive difference. 

While good communication might go without saying, consider that many of our material requests pertain to our customer samples, which we’re trying to get out ASAP. Quick responses are a massive benefit if you can respond to specific cases or problems we encounter. 

Potential Supplier Issues

The most prominent issues with new suppliers involve the same factors: product knowledge, communication, and information about your company. 

Without technical information, direct communication, or a comprehensive understanding of how your company operates, it’ll be challenging for us to form a partnership. And if we can’t form a good relationship with a potential supplier, it is very challenging for us to recommend their products. 


It takes an excellent converter AND supplier to make an outstanding partnership happen, so Strouse is constantly looking for new ways to elevate our suppliers and make the most out of our existing business relationships. 

Contact Us

If you’re hoping to meet with the Strouse team or share some insights with us based on this, feel free to reach out. 

You might be wondering, how do suppliers fit into the adhesive converting process? Feel free to check out that informative article and a full list of our capabilities.


Lee K. House

Copywriter & Content Creator for Strouse. Lee graduated from the University of Alabama in the Spring of 2022 with a double major in English and Spanish.