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What is Peel Adhesion?

Posted by Sue Chambers Apr 2, 2014 4:25:00 AM

Peel adhesion is another term you will find on just about every data sheet for an adhesive product. This piece of data is crucial in understanding how ‘sticky’ or how well the adhesive bonds to a given substrate. This data is often expressed in oz. /inch or N/100mm.

Peel Adhesion – A standardized test that measures the force required to remove a pressure sensitive adhesive from a testing plate or its own backing material.

Peel Adhesion is important to consider no matter what application you are working with. Temporary adhesion applications such as automotive masking (Wheel Masks or Paint Masking Kits) rely on peel adhesion values to determine the difficulty in removing the adhesive from the substrate after the masking is no longer needed. Peel adhesion may also provide insight to the amount of residue left behind once the adhesive is removed. Other important factors in determining if residue is left behind is the type of adhesive used, what substrates you are sticking to, and application temperatures.

Peel Adhesion is also extremely important to long term or permanent bonding applications for obvious reasons. In these types of applications you want extremely high peel adhesion values to ensure the bond will hold no matter what forces it is exposed to.

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Sue Chambers

Written by Sue Chambers

President and CEO of Strouse