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3M Preferred Converter & Supplier of the Year

You need a partner for your converting needs, and you need to be sure they are the right partner. 3M trusts us with their converting needs because we solve problems. We consider all of the variables to deliver a solution that is right for you. What can we help you solve today?

The Benefits of working with a 3M preferred converter like Strouse


A Team of Experts

3M Converters are given access to everyone at 3M including technical specialists to help deliver the best product. We leverage that help and our experience to give you a team of experts to solve your problems.


Access to Cutting Edge Materials

We are involved in the development of new products, and we are told of their release months before they become available to the public. Every time there is a new release we discuss whether it would be useful for any of our projects.


The Confidence Vote of an Industry Leader

The title 3M Preferred Converter is only given to companies with a good history of working with 3M. Furthermore, only the best of the best get awarded with the 3M Supplier of the Year. 3M puts their faith in us, and we make sure that is rewarded with the endless pursuit of perfection.


Extensive Experience with High-End Products

We've been in business for over 30 years, and we've serviced every possible industry in that time. We apply everything we know to your project, and the result is a better understanding of what will work best for you.


Reasonable Pricing

We buy a lot of 3M material, and that gives us access to special pricing that you can't get elsewhere. Even if it is just roll goods, our prices will beat the competition, which puts more money back in your coffers. 


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Find Out How We Can Help You

We've summarized our capabilities down to one page, and it is yours if you download it. This is just the start of our relationship. We want to leverage our capabilities to improve your product offering. 

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We Aren't Just a 3M Converter Though. We Provide the Right Product for Your Needs.

“I have been in technical sales for 35 years, and I have come to appreciate vendors that have a high level of customer and technical support. Strouse does an amazing job of listening to the needs of the customer and verbally communicating those needs back to the customer. Then they follow-up with a written quote and drawing to finalize the project. Overall, a very pleasant and painless experience.”
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