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EMI & RFI Shielding

Block Interference and Manage Costs

EMI Shielding Tape and RFI Shielding

Everywhere we look, there are electronic devices that create electromagnetic interference. The right EMI and RFI shielding tapes and pressure-sensitive adhesive can prevent electronics’ signals from affecting other components and block external energy from getting in.

Strouse provides foil tape made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and other metals in different forms: individual die cuts in custom shapes, sizes, and formats; rolls of tape cut to custom widths; custom die cuts on a roll or sheet of material.

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Electromagnetic shielding, also called “radiation shielding,” is a barrier that covers electronics to prevent electromagnetic interference. RFI shielding is a subtype of EMI shielding that’s specific to blocking radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation.

EMI shielding can prevent:
• Brownouts and blackouts
• Electrical fast transitions or EFTs
• Static on phone lines
• Power faults

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Aluminum — A cost-effective shielding material for ultra- to super-high radio waves. It's high conductivity and strength-to-weight ratio make it an excellent choice for EMI shielding.

Copper — This versatile metal is highly conductive, capable of blocking radio waves and magnetic forces, and is ideal for applications that require all three types of shielding.

Steel — Strong and durable, steel is not very versatile and blocks low-frequency waves only. Its rigidity makes it difficult to work with when used in tight spaces.

Nickel — Both inexpensive and effective, nickel is durable, hard, and conductive; nickel is used as an EMI shield on its own or combined with other metals to form magnetic alloys.

Mu-Metal — A new alloy designed for EMI shielding, mu-metal’s main elements are nickel and iron, making it both soft and magnetic; it blocks both electronic and magnetic fields.

Conductive Rubbers — Silicone has a very high tensile strength, and it’s flexible and resilient; neoprene is compressive and generally useful; these conductive rubbers are used to make EMI shielding gaskets that seal enclosures.

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