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Truly customized products

Improve Strength/Stability/Appearance and Protect

Every liner, adhesive, and film has individual properties and characteristics. When the “ideal” product doesn’t exist, lamination — building customized products from layers of materials — may be the answer.

A converter can engineer custom materials to fit a customer’s unique needs. These custom materials can offer properties not previously available with stock materials.

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Laminating Multiple Materials Video

Strouse uses pressure, heat, and welding techniques to combine multiple materials. We have the ability to combine 10 materials on numerous presses, and even more materials can be combined on specialized presses. At Strouse, we perform these laminations:

  • Multi-layer lamination
  • Extended liner lamination
  • Zoned adhesive lamination
  • Liner substitution
  • Island Placement

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  • Solutions that require a stack-up that is different than stock. This can be needed for both material density and different materials.
  • A converter can save money by creating a laminated material that eliminates steps in the process. For example, laminating in line while die cutting, all in one pass.
  • A bonding application that needs different adhesives to bond to different surface energy substrates. The two different adhesives are laminated together.

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With unlimited options ready to be created, you may be unsure how to move forward. We’ll help you select the right laminating solution for your needs.

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“Strouse handles the difficult converting projects flawlessly. If there is an application other converters can’t solve, I know to come to Strouse. Their knowledge and expertise make the impossible projects possible.”
3M Converter Markets Rep