Foam Tape has a lot of different uses and applications.

Adhesive foam tape can be used to achieve a variety of goals, so it is usually best to start there before looking at individual products. You can use foam tape to create a permanent bond, which can be a great alternative to screws, rivets, etc.. Foam tape also has the benefit that it spreads the stress load across the entire length of the tape rather than the individual screw or rivet. Mechanical fasteners also tend to be heavier and more prone to age-related failure.

In contrast to the permanent bond, there are also removable products to solve the temporary issues. Typical application for removable foam tapes are: indoor general purpose mounting and joining, nameplate mounting, point-of-purchase displays and signs, temporary holding during a process, mount retail shelf price channels, mount pen holders, as well as many more.

Adhesive foam tape is used in many different applications including permanent and temporary bonding, medical device component attachment, gasketing, and much more.

Foam adhesive is typically acrylic or rubber based. The carrier can vary between acrylic, polyester, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, and urethane. Thicknesses can vary anywhere from 1 mil to 375+ mil. 

Strouse can flat bed and rotary die cut acrylic tape and foams to custom sizes, shapes, and formats.  We can provide you rolls of material slit to custom widths or parts cut to custom shapes on a roll, on a sheet, or as individual pieces with a liner to protect the adhesive.

adhesive foam tape

Foam Tape Products Include:

Foam tapes are used in almost every industry. Medical manufacturers use foams to bond medical device components together or to secure dressings directly to skin while providing cushioning. The automotive industry is using foam tape for sidewall panel attachment on commercial vehicles, truck bodies, and public service vehicles. Thin foam tape is used in the electronics industry to bond assemblies and attach LCD and touchscreens.

VHB tape is one of 3M’s most popular pressure sensitive adhesive product lines. Since 1980 VHB has set the standard for bonding solutions. 3M manufactures many different VHBs for specific applications. Some VHBs are designed for high surface energy bonding such as glass and metals while others are better suited for low surface energy substrates such as plastics. Most recently 3M has designed two new families of VHBs to improve efficiency for manufacturers. Thin foam tape for electronics’ assemblies are helping engineers bond components while keeping their products thin and lightweight. Primerless VHB is helping automotive manufacturers reduce costs of buying, shipping, and storing primer, while eliminating the health risks to employees are subject to from using primer.

Strouse die cuts and converts foam tape and flexible materials to solve many different adhesive applications. Our diverse manufacturing capability allows us to provide you the material you need in the exact size, shape, and format required for your design.

If you have a question about a project you are working on or think using pressure sensitive adhesive can bring your product to market faster contact us today!