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Sue Chambers

As the CEO and President of Strouse Corporation, Sue Chambers is responsible for leading all facets of the business. Sue has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth and operational innovation in the adhesive conversion industry. Sue possesses strong leadership, strategic vision, and savvy marketing skills. Sue has an MBA from Loyola University in Maryland. Since 1997 Sue Chambers joined Strouse and led the transformation into an enterprise-focused company while growing the company into a world leader in the innovative production of pressure-sensitive adhesive with revenue of over 20 million and growing. In the last three years, Strouse revenue has grown 62%; the number of employees has grown and continues to achieve and maintain ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification. Strouse built a new production plant going from 40,000 to 62,500 square feet, increasing the production space by 50%. The building also can expand to 82,500 sq. Feet. Sue is active in the community serving on the Industrial Development Board presently and earning several business awards over the years. Most recently, 3M has recognized Strouse as a supplier of the year. She is also on the Dale Chambers Foundation board that raises money for local charities in the community.

Blog Post by Sue Chambers

Sue ChambersMay 13, 20243 min read

What’s in a Roll Core?

How often have you thought about your material core?
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Sue ChambersApr 23, 20248 min read

Your Guide to Thermal Interface Material

You think you’ve finally built the perfect sandwich when you suddenly take a bite and ...
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Sue ChambersMar 12, 20244 min read

Elongation : What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Have you ever seen “elongation” listed on a material data sheet?
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Sue ChambersFeb 15, 20245 min read

3M Preferred Converter Advantages

How can you determine whether a converter is reputable?
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Sue ChambersFeb 5, 202411 min read

The Importance of EMI Shielding

Although you’re long past the days of giving the TV a couple of good smacks to make the ...
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Sue ChambersFeb 1, 20246 min read

4 Key Materials When Building Microfluidic Devices

What are the safest materials for constructing tiny devices to transport and protect ...
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Sue ChambersDec 21, 202310 min read

What is the Correct Gasket Material for Your Next Project?

When something works well, you likely won’t even notice. In manufacturing, well-running ...
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Sue ChambersDec 11, 20235 min read

Top 5 Benefits of Using Heat-Resistant Gasket Material

“High temperature” in the industrial world is on another level than what you’ll see ...
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Sue ChambersNov 3, 20239 min read

An Overview of Thermal Insulation Tape

Is balancing temperature critical to your project's success?
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Sue ChambersOct 31, 20238 min read

Foam Gasket Tape — An Ultimate Guide

When your product requires superior barrier and bonding features, gaskets might be ideal. ...
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Sue ChambersOct 20, 20234 min read

5 Questions To Optimize Your Rubber Gasket Seal Adhesive Design

Are you fully prepared to choose a rubber gasket?
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Sue ChambersSep 20, 20233 min read

What Are Adhesive Release Liners? How Do You Select One?

Have you ever gone to peel a sticker but couldn’t remove it from the sheet?
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Sue ChambersAug 30, 20237 min read

Your Guide to Heat Activated Adhesives

A heat-activated adhesive is a type of adhesive, usually applied to a tape backing, that ...
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Sue ChambersAug 30, 20236 min read

4 Critical Considerations When Choosing a Wound Dressing Adhesive

Can a skin adhesive serve every type of injury?
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Sue ChambersAug 9, 20236 min read

What is Rotary Die Cutting? Problems it Solves and Uses

The US craft industry is worth over $44 billion USD.
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Sue ChambersAug 1, 20234 min read

The Advantages of Using Double-Sided Medical Tape

Attaching one substrate to another.
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Sue ChambersAug 1, 20234 min read

5 Advantages of Proper EMI and RFI Shielding Techniques

With so many people relying on the apps on their phones, glitches can feel like the end ...
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Sue ChambersJun 30, 20239 min read

The Basics of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape

Have you ever wondered how tape works?
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Sue ChambersOct 26, 20225 min read

The Problem of Using Rolls of Tape Instead of Die Cut Adhesives

Many flexible material converters become partners with manufacturers in the automotive ...
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Sue ChambersNov 19, 20212 min read

Is Your Adhesive Tape Converter Limiting Your ROI?

Manufacturers rely on adhesive tape converters to provide accurate and high-performing ...
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Sue ChambersSep 10, 20215 min read

Life-Changing Applications of Adhesive Tape: 10 Essential Uses!

I bet wherever you’re reading this blog article, at this very moment, you’re within an ...
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Sue ChambersAug 24, 20214 min read


When inspiration hits like lightning, the result can be a cutting-edge electronics ...
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Sue ChambersOct 21, 20202 min read

What is Tensile Strength and How is It Measured?

The stress is on. You’re under pressure to create the best possible product. That ...
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Sue ChambersOct 15, 20205 min read

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Series #1: Performance and Versatility

NOTE: This article is #1 in a 3-part series on the power and versatility of pressure ...
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Sue ChambersJul 14, 20201 min read

How Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tape Boosts Performance of Electronics

Many electronics products require specific adhesives that dissipate heat. Thermal ...
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Sue ChambersJun 16, 20203 min read

3M Automotive Masking Tape Best Practices To Boost Paint Production

Is your paint process one of the most scrutinized steps in your entire assembly process? ...
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Sue ChambersNov 12, 20192 min read

Strouse Completes Establishment Registration with FDA

Strouse, an industry leading adhesive tape converter and custom manufacturer is proud to ...
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