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How Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tape Boosts Performance of Electronics

Posted by Sue Chambers Jul 14, 2020 10:10:18 AM

Many electronics products require specific adhesives that dissipate heat. Thermal interface materials (a combination of high-performance acrylic adhesive and highly conductive ceramic particles) enhance performance by minimizing reliability concerns and reduced operational lifetimes that are often affected by heat.

One such product, 3M 8926 Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tape, was created specifically for the electronics industry and contains thermally conductive particles as well as flame resistant fillers. Made by 3M Electronics Markets Materials Division (EMMD) with a PET carrier, 3M 8926 was designed for ease of handling and use, reworkability, and ability convert, meaning it can be die cut into custom shapes and sizes.

Other benefits of 3M 8926:

  • Offers end users more flexibility than other thermally conductive adhesive tapes
  • Half the cost, but twice as conductive, as leading competitive products
  • Available in multiple thicknesses — .20mm, .25mm, .50mm — for excellent wet-out or conformability to many different substrates
  • Higher adhesion than 3M Acrylic Thermal Pads (similar thicknesses), enhancing design and assembly flexibility

Beyond using it for thermal management in electronic devices and general heat dissipation, 3M 8926 is also used to bond and join parts in electronic products. Other features include:

  • Good thermal conductivity (>1.5W/m-K)
  • Excellent dielectric performance
  • Low thermal impedance
  • Vibration damping

In addition to general heat sink bonding, the versatility of 3M 8926 lends itself to many application possibilities, including IC chip packaging heat conduction, printed circuit boards, LED module/board bonding, flat panel display assembly (LCD, PDP), and more.

As a 3M Preferred Converter and 3M Master Masking Converter, Strouse’s experience and leadership goes beyond the electronics industry. We also help manufacturers in automotive, military, industrial, and medical improve their production and assembly processes.

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Sue Chambers

Written by Sue Chambers

President and CEO of Strouse