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Converting News and Insights

Lee K. HouseMay 30, 20243 min read

What Are Flexible Die Tools?

Let’s be real- choosing the most expensive, durable option doesn't always make sense.
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Scott ChambersMay 14, 20248 min read

Overview of Different Wound Dressings

The injury healing process can be long and painful whether wounds are open or closed, ...
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Sue ChambersMay 13, 20243 min read

What’s in a Roll Core?

How often have you thought about your material core?
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Lee K. HouseApr 12, 20245 min read

Adhesive Lamination: How Does it Work and When Do You Use it?

It’s been a minute of staring through the screen of a video call, but you’re still ...
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Sue ChambersMar 12, 20244 min read

Elongation : What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Have you ever seen “elongation” listed on a material data sheet?
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Sue ChambersFeb 15, 20245 min read

3M Preferred Converter Advantages

How can you determine whether a converter is reputable?
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Scott ChambersFeb 2, 20244 min read

Kiss Cutting

Sheeted stickers. Adhesive wall mounting strips. The split tabs on the backs of ...
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Scott ChambersNov 29, 20238 min read

10 Questions Converters Should Ask YOU About Custom Die Cut Adhesive

The beginning of a custom die cut converting project usually goes something like this:
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Lee K. HouseNov 28, 20235 min read

4 Production Quantity Myths Explained and Debunked

You’ve already done the difficult task of figuring out how many part components you need, ...
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Scott ChambersOct 6, 20236 min read

Flat Bed, Rotary, Laser Die Cutting Methods

What is the best way to cut flexible materials? Realistically, the die cutting method you ...
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Scott ChambersSep 28, 20233 min read

Adhesive Tape Converters: Who They Are and Their Purpose

Although you’re excited about your new product design, you’re unsure how to make it a ...
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Sue ChambersSep 20, 20233 min read

What Are Adhesive Release Liners? How Do You Select One?

Have you ever gone to peel a sticker but couldn’t remove it from the sheet?
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Scott ChambersSep 14, 20236 min read

What You Need To Know About UL 9540

Imagine that you’ve created a new electronic product.
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Sue ChambersAug 9, 20236 min read

What is Rotary Die Cutting? Problems it Solves and Uses

The US craft industry is worth over $44 billion USD.
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Scott ChambersJun 16, 202316 min read

Types of Poron Foam and the Pros and Cons of Each

Polyurethanes are the largest class of polymers worldwide, with a global market of $79 ...
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Lee K. HouseMay 16, 20233 min read

Corona Surface Treatment: What is it and Should I Treat My Materials?

The other night, my roommate and I discovered an unfortunate truth about our kitchen ...
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Scott ChambersAug 17, 20224 min read

6 Surprising Applications of Custom Die Cut Adhesives

OK, here’s the tagline: Die cut adhesives are incredibly versatile and can solve business ...
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Sue ChambersNov 19, 20212 min read

Is Your Adhesive Tape Converter Limiting Your ROI?

Manufacturers rely on adhesive tape converters to provide accurate and high-performing ...
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Sue ChambersSep 10, 20215 min read

Life-Changing Applications of Adhesive Tape: 10 Essential Uses!

I bet wherever you’re reading this blog article, at this very moment, you’re within an ...
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Scott ChambersMar 4, 20214 min read

The Importance of Working with a Full-Service Adhesive Tape Converter

The world of adhesive technology is an exciting place these days! Adhesive manufacturers ...
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Scott ChambersJan 27, 20216 min read

What is the Right Level of Automation for Your Converting Project?

Automation isn’t the future. It’s here today, and without using it wisely, most companies ...
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Scott ChambersNov 19, 20202 min read

What is the Carrier or Backing Material on Adhesive Products?

A converted product’s carrier or backing material is one of the most important decisions ...
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Sue ChambersFeb 13, 20141 min read

Bonding Tapes

Bonding Tapes are pressure sensitive adhesives built with the purpose of mounting and ...
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Sue ChambersDec 19, 20131 min read

Types of Adhesives

Adhesives are any materials meant to temporarily or permanently hold two or more objects ...
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