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11 Questions To Ask Before You Choose a Converter

Great Adhesive Converter Questions (and answers you should hear)

You’re likely familiar with precision converting. Maybe you have a current relationship with an adhesive converter. You may not know how to properly evaluate if they’re providing real value and making the difference they should.

So, we developed a list of questions you should be asking:

  • “Does your converter understand your intended product use?”
  • “Does your converter understand your industry?”
  • “Is your converter capable of properly completing your project?”
  • “Does your converter do things right the first time…and every time?”
  • Plus seven more!

Our questions (and their answers) should provide the insights you need to make a confident decision. 11 Questions To Ask Before You Choose a Converter doesn’t hold back; it covers the things an adhesive converter should know and bring to a relationship.

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