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Posted by Sue Chambers Feb 14, 2014 8:12:00 AM

...engineering adhesive solutions!

If there is one thing we love at Strouse it is taking a nearly impossible task and making it work with adhesives. The industries we serve range far and wide from cost saving masking solutions for an industrial facility to an intricate cleanroom manufactured stick to skin adhesive solution for a medical device company. We have an extremely diverse set of converting capabilities that allow us to manufacture products that other adhesive converters can’t handle. Sometimes our customers know exactly what they need from us. Other times they know they have a problem but fear there is no solution. That’s exactly what happened when 3M and Tesla were working to solve a battery connection issue on the Tesla Model S.

Tesla and 3M were working closely together trying to attach multiple layers of mica in their battery assembly process. Mica is an extremely brittle and layered mineral making this a difficult task. 3M tested some of their most advanced adhesives but found out the solution wouldn’t work using traditional converting methods. When the adhesive was applied to the mica it would not stick because of the surface and brittle nature of the mineral.

That’s when 3M made the call to Strouse. As a 3M preferred converter of adhesives you get access to the best adhesives in the world from 3M combined with one of the most technologically advanced converters in the world, Strouse. Our engineers designed a 19mm x 202mm part with a unique tab allowing the adhesive to transfer onto the mica 100% of the time regardless of dwell and bond build. Using this design, Tesla could apply the adhesive, remove the liner with our extended tab, and complete a process that was crucial to the assembly and design of their battery. The parts fit seamlessly into Tesla’s production process and are used in the production of the Tesla Model S as well as Tesla’s drivetrain on Toyota’s all-electric RAV4 EV.


Tabbed die cut adhesive by Strouse The unique tab design created by Strouse engineers solve Tesla's battery connection issue.

A problem once thought to be impossible was now solved by our adhesive engineers at Strouse. This is the type of situation that Strouse loves to work through. Our full team of design and development engineers oversees each project to ensure we provide the best pressure sensitive adhesive solutions on the market.

Read our Case Study on Tesla Motors and see the adhesive die cut we created for them!

Sue Chambers

Written by Sue Chambers

President and CEO of Strouse