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Sue ChambersJan 25, 20192 min read

Strouse Allies with AccuPlace to Automate Adhesive Component Assembly

Partnership enables organizations to achieve extreme accuracy and repeatability through automation from a single vendor.

WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND – Strouse, a leader in adhesive converting and recipient of the 3M Supplier of the Year award, has announced a partnership with AccuPlace to help manufacturers across the globe achieve automation. As organizations across industries focus on becoming more efficient, accurate, and scalable, Strouse and AccuPlace together are helping organizations attain these goals.

AccuPlace partners with their customers to standardize adhesive component assembly challenges. They manufacture machines that cost-effectively enable organizations to utilize machine automation within their manufacturing processes.

“At Strouse, we’ve always been focused on the goals and success of our customers,” says Sue Chambers, President and CEO at Strouse. “In highly technical and highly regulated industries it can be challenging to innovate without investing significant capital and resources. Overcoming that challenge was the idea behind Sample Express, our rapid prototyping program that reduces risk and cost for our customers as they test new products. We’re now taking that a step further with AccuPlace. In addition to helping customers design and test components to find the perfect fit, we’re able to help them cost effectively scale their manufacturing with automation while reducing vendor fatigue.”

Strouse’s partnership with AccuPlace aims to help customers consolidate vendor relations by providing a single source for manufacturing automation. No longer will customers need to bring together an adhesive converter, an automation equipment vendor, and manage the relationships through the entire process to effectively scale manufacturing efforts. Strouse’s expertise in design and manufacturing coupled with AccuPlace technology introduces a cohesive experience for customers to source parts and equipment from the same vendor where all parties are involved in the design and manufacture of solutions from the onset. This synergy streamlines development and increases speed to market.

“We partnered with Strouse as a Value Added Reseller to help our mutual customers ensure the highest productivity utilizing AccuPlace machines,” says Mike Terry, Global Sales Manager, at AccuPlace. “Strouse not only consistently produces tight tolerance rotary die cut parts; they thoroughly understand the key factors to automate them."

About Strouse
Strouse is a die cut adhesive manufacturer with over 30 years of industry experience. Serving the medical, automotive, electronics, military, aerospace, industrial and appliance industries, Strouse continues to innovate by engineering adhesive tape solutions that improve quality, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and expedite delivery. With a quality management system registered to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 standards, Strouse not only has a commitment to quality but excellent customer service. A full team of design and development engineers allows Strouse to invest the necessary time and resources for every project. Located in Westminster, Maryland, Strouse can be contacted directly at 1-800-410-8273 or visit our website for more info at

About AccuPlace
AccuPlace offers a variety of adhesive component assembly solutions ranging from semi-automatic machines to fully automatic robotic pick and place systems. With more than 22 years of organizational experience, AccuPlace pioneered the effort to standardize die cut adhesive component assembly. Delivering established operational criteria, predictable quality, and perhaps of greatest benefit, quantified process costs. Thousands of our machines in applications around the world prove there is only one market leader for Film Adhesive Assembly – AccuPlace.

Sue Chambers

As the CEO and President of Strouse Corporation, Sue Chambers is responsible for leading all facets of the business. Sue has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth and operational innovation in the adhesive conversion industry. Sue possesses strong leadership, strategic vision, and savvy marketing skills. Sue has an MBA from Loyola University in Maryland. Since 1997 Sue Chambers joined Strouse and led the transformation into an enterprise-focused company while growing the company into a world leader in the innovative production of pressure-sensitive adhesive with revenue of over 20 million and growing. In the last three years, Strouse revenue has grown 62%; the number of employees has grown and continues to achieve and maintain ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification. Strouse built a new production plant going from 40,000 to 62,500 square feet, increasing the production space by 50%. The building also can expand to 82,500 sq. Feet. Sue is active in the community serving on the Industrial Development Board presently and earning several business awards over the years. Most recently, 3M has recognized Strouse as a supplier of the year. She is also on the Dale Chambers Foundation board that raises money for local charities in the community.