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Strouse's Manufacturing Capabilities

Unsurpassed design, true innovation, pure problem-solving

Die Cutting Capabilities

  • Rotary
    (up to 30” wide)
  • Flatbed
    (up to 22” wide)
  • Laser/Rotary Hybrid
    (up to 13” wide)
  • Digital Knife
    (up to 60” x 60”)
  • Multi-level Die Cutting
    (kiss-cutting and metal-to-metal)
  • Multi-Die Registration
    (tolerance dependent upon raw materials
    and process)
  • Island Placement/Dispensing
  • Custom Tabbing
    (for improved functionality)
  • Heat Lamination
  • Video Inspection
  • Complex Shapes
  • Flat-Bed Laser
    (up to 24” x 36”)

Slitting Capabilities

  • Rotary
    (Down to 0.050” from 60” wide material)
  • Lathe
    (Down to 0.063” from 60” wide material)
  • Score Knife
    (Down to 0.500” from 60” wide material)
  • Razor
    (Down to 0.125” from 60” wide material)
  • Shear
    (Down to 0.625” from 60” wide material)

Laminating Capabilities

  • Most All Materials
    (feasibility limitations will be case-specific)
  • General Material Size Limitation -
    ≤0.250” thick and ≤30” wide

Materials Capabilities

  • Most All Adhesives
    (Including but not limited to:
    double-coated tapes, single-coated tapes,
    transfer adhesive, VHB, hydrocolloid, hydrogel, OCA, etc.)
  • Most All Films
    (Including but not limited to:
    PET, PE, PU, PP, HIPS, PC, etc.)
  • Extensible Materials
    (Including but not limited to:
    foam, PU, PE, rubber, EVA, etc.)
  • Metals/Foils
    (feasibility limitations will be case-specific)
Automation-in-Flexible-Material- Converting

Flexographic Printing Capabilities

  • ≤13” wide
  • Ink Chemistries
    - UV
    - UV LED
    - Water-based
    - Solvent-based

Custom Packaging Solutions

  • Manual
    (hand/jig for low volume or project ramp-up)
  • Automated Pick and Place
    (Strouse is a Value-Added Reseller of Accuplace
  • Automated pouching
  • Custom Automated Robotics

Miscellaneous Capabilities

  • Environmentally-Controlled
    Class 10,000/ISO 7 Cleanroom