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heavy duty double sided tape
Scott ChambersJun 2, 20233 min read

Heavy-Duty Double Sided Tape: Considerations and Best Uses

How essential are high-quality adhesives?

Think back to personal or professional projects that (literally) fell apart because you used the wrong adhesive. Many projects, especially in manufacturing, are too risky to gamble with mismatched adhesive. 

In the past, Strouse has helped customers find tape that matches strong and aesthetically pleasing applications. Double sided adhesive tape is often the prime tool for powerful and seamless fastening

We’ve gathered a list of some of the best heavy-duty double sided tape applications to show where you’ll already find it and get you thinking about where it might fit into your next project.

How Can You Use Heavy-Duty Double Sided Adhesive Tape?

There are many different ways to use heavy-duty double sided tape. While this list of applications isn’t all-inclusive, it does cover many of the most common and ideal places you’ll find it. 


Depending on the type of gasket you’ll need, heavy-duty double sided tape could be the right adhesive to create an exceptional seal that prevents materials from mixing or leaking. For instance, heavy-duty double sided tape could be ideal if you need two surfaces bonded together in a tight seal with minimal temperature or chemical interactions.

Find the right gasket material


When a room needs to be free of echos so recorded audio can hit just right, or when a room must be set up in a way that prevents sound from blasting through the walls and disturbing others, heavy-duty double sided tape can be counted on for fastening foam soundproofing panels to the wall

Soundproofing isn’t something rolled-up everyday tape can do unless you want to pick the panels off the floor and re-tape them to the wall. Instead, you’ll want mounting tape with enough adhesive strength to attach and hold panels without slippage. Heavy-duty double sided tape has the adhesive bonding power to fix an object in place when mounted against a wall.


The construction industry has endless uses for heavy-duty double sided tape. In fact, the building you're currently sitting in may even use double sided tape to hold insulation in place or remain watertight

Construction is where the “heavy-duty” aspect becomes essential. Nobody wants the components of a building to be held together with “light-duty” double sided adhesive tape!


Aesthetics might not always be your top business priority, but they’re still important for a pleasant environment for your workers and/or customers. Plus, many businesses hang signs to help visitors navigate the premises. Heavy-duty double sided tape can be used to place artwork for welcoming decor or signage for guidance.


We could go on for pages and pages about how the healthcare industry uses heavy-duty double sided tape. It can be found in numerous hospital or home medical devices. This adhesive can also be helpful for wound care and medical testing solutions.

The heavy-duty variety of double sided tape might not be used for direct contact with skin, but if so, it must undergo additional testing to ensure it’s OK for skin contact.

What to Consider When Using Heavy-Duty Double Sided Tape 

Before selecting the heavy-duty double sided adhesive tape for your project, make sure it can withstand the anticipated conditions. Consider the following for the material:

  • Temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Oxidation and sunlight resistance
  • Elasticity and elongation
  • Strength rating

While heavy-duty double sided tape IS highly versatile, you’ll still need to understand the specifics of the material used to ensure success.

Cutting heavy-duty double sided tape down to a usable size isn’t an afterthought. If you have a design with adhesive on both sides that needs to meet precise dimensions and tight tolerances, you’ll want to consider the different structural aspects of working with double sided tape. 

To help avoid mistakes later on in your project process, learn more about using double sided tape:

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Scott Chambers

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