3M 5952 VHB is a double sided, closed-cell acrylic foam tape.


3M’s brand, VHB, stands for Very High Bond, and that is exactly what this adhesive delivers. This product has high tensile strength and high sheer and peel adhesion. 3M 5952 bonds well to aluminum and steel as well as metal and plastic with little to no surface priming. This is one of 3M’s most popular acrylic foam tapes and it’s widely used in the transportation, specialty vehicle, construction, general industrial, and appliance industries.

3M 5952 Applications:

  • Bonding Glass to Metal on Clothes Washer Doors
  • Decorative Trim Attachment on TV Stands
  • Commercial Vehicle Roof Vent Attachment
  • Bonding Panels to Metal Frames
  • Interior Rail Car Construction
  • Much More

3M 5952 is a versatile and durable permanent bonding solutionThis product bonds well on high, medium, and medium to low surface energy substrates. It has initial temperature resistance up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and long term resistance up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This acrylic foam tape also features a high resistance to solvents and chemicals. 3M 5952 comes in either white or black color.

Converting 3M 5952

3M 5952 VHB can be easily die cut and converted into custom formats depending on your needs.

Slitting: Strouse can slit rolls of VHB to custom widths. This provides you bonding tape in the exact width you need for your project. No excess, waste, or cutting necessary for your employees. 

Spooling: This unique capability allows Strouse to combine multiple rolls of VHB into one large spooled roll or reel. Much like fishing line is neatly wrapped around a reel; spooling neatly wraps VHB onto a wider core allowing for longer length rolls of material. This can save you time and money reducing changeovers of rolls while keeping your machines running longer.

Die CuttingThis is the process of cutting a wide roll of tape into a custom shape or usable part for your process. Parts can be cut into different formats to fit seamlessly into your assembly.

Individual pieces – VHB tapes can be laminated with liner on both sides leaving no exposed adhesive. This means that when parts are die cut they are provided as individual pieces placed inside a bag. 

Sheeted Parts – Some assembly processes require multiple shapes or parts of the same material. This is where sheeted parts come in handy. Multiple parts can be cut onto a single sheet ensuring that assemblers will use all of the required parts during assembly. This reduces error in your process as well as the potential for product failure.

Die Cut Parts on a Roll – This is our most popular format for providing die cuts. Custom cut parts can be provided on a liner in the form of a rolled good. This allows for hundreds or thousands of parts to fit on a single roll. This makes application of die cut parts easy and efficient as parts can be removed from the roll and the next part is ready to be peeled and placed.

Tabs or Extended Liners: Die cut solutions are great for hand assembly or automated processes but sometimes removing the backing from an adhesive die cut can be difficult. Strouse simplifies this process by adding a tab to the part or extended liners that make it easy to remove the liner and place the adhesive. Liners can also be split backed saving your assembly team the frustration of removing thin liners while saving you time and money in the process.

Other Popular 3M VHB Adhesive Tapes:

Strouse is a 3M Preferred Converter and can source VHB foam tape directly from 3M at discounts due to the large bulk orders we often place. We have over 75,000 rolls of material and more than 2,000 individual materials in stock at any given time. If you're looking for a specific material, just ask, but here are some of the most popular VHB foam tapes:

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