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greatest 3M VHB foam mounting tapes
Lee K. HouseDec 16, 20224 min read

The Greatest VHB Foam Mounting Tapes Of All Time

If you’re tired of breaking out the drill or getting messy with liquid adhesives but still want a great result, VHB foam mounting tape is your best bet. 

VHB foam mounting tapes are strong, durable, double-sided adhesives that serve as a smooth, clean alternative for glue and metal fasteners. 

While some VHB tapes bond immediately, others need primer BEFORE they can adhere to different substrates. This means that without proper research, you run the risk of buying adhesive tape that sticks poorly.

Finding a suitable foam mounting tape can be anxiety-inducing when there are so many to choose from, but never fear: 

We want to present you with our top picks for the greatest VHB foam mounting tapes of all time. 

3M™VHB™ Tape 5952

3M VHB Tape 5952

Durable bonding VHB tape 5952 is a conformable acrylic foam tape that can bond to many substrates like powder coated paint and irregular surfaces.

VHB tape 5952 is most often used for decorative trim, panel-to-frame assembly, electronic displays, and the construction of signs

It comes in a thickness of 0.045in (1.1mm) in either black or white color and can bond with various substrates, including powder-coated paints and many types of irregular surfaces.

3M™VHB™ Tape 4910

3M’s VHB tape 4910 is a CLEAR double-coated acrylic foam tape.

Due to its transparency, VHB tape 4910 has many uses, like replacing liquid adhesives for a less messy yet still clear surface. This transparent fastening adds a smooth, almost clean aesthetic look to the mounted object.

Although it uses a general-purpose adhesive, it’s designed to adhere well to metal, glass, and plastics like polycarbonate and acrylic.

Recommended applications for this adhesive are as follows:

  • Bonding transparent material
  • Mounting translucent signs
  • Sealing the edges of resin-filled glass

Before you decide on project material, you’ll need to know the specifics.

VHB tape 4910 is classified as a family of firm, solid acrylic foam tapes that vary in thickness. However, the primary tape is 0.040in (1.0mm) thick.

Lastly, it bonds well to substrates polycarbonate, aluminum, and acrylic or polyurethane paint.

3M™VHB™ Tape 4930

3M VHB Tape 4930

If you’re looking for a foam mounting tape of medium thickness, then 3M VHB tape 4930 could be for you!

VHB tape 4930 is a white, general-purpose adhesive with 0.025in (0.6mm) thickness and an acrylic foam core.

It was created for jobs such as stiffener bonding, sealing LCD with polycarbonate lenses, and attaching painted control panel windows. Still, it can also effectively mount vinyl wiring ducts and conduit channels.

In addition, this tape can withstand up to 230oF (110oC).

As part of 3M’s 4950 tape family, VHB tape 4930 excels at metal, glass, and high surface energy (HSE) surface adhesion.

It bonds to the substrate’s aluminum, galvanized steel, enameled steel, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and epoxy. 

Lastly, this adhesive can withstand up to 230oF (110oC). 

You might start to better understand which tape is for you, but what happens if you don't know how to apply it? Check out our guide on the application of 3M VHB tape.

3M™VHB™ Tape 4955

3M VHB Tape 4955

As part of 3M’s VHB 4950 family, VHB tape 4955 uses firm foam and a general-purpose acrylic adhesive.

So, what makes this tape unique?

The tapes in the 4950 family vary in thickness, color, and liner type.

VHB tape 4955 is still a double-coated acrylic foam, yet it’s thicker than its counterparts at 0.080in (2.0mm) and is white with a PET liner.

Its recommended applications are:

  • Attaching logos to appliances
  • Decorative overlay
  • Fixing trim
  • Stiffener to panel

This tape is commonly used in applications across the appliance, transportation, electronics, construction, and general industrial markets.

3M™VHB™ Tape 5915P

3M VHB Tape 5915P

Finally, that brings us to 3M’s VHB tape 5915P, another modified acrylic adhesive.

VHB tape 5915P can bond to many substrates, including metal, glass, plastics, and paints. 

It’s 0.016in (0.4mm) in thickness with a PCK Paper liner for steel rule die cutting, and like other VHB tapes, it creates a permanent seal against water and moisture by filling gaps well. 

You’ve now learned about the greatest VHB foam mounting tape of all time. However, even with the best material, a die-cut part can only be as good as the converter who cut it. 

If you’re thinking about having adhesives die cut or processed, make sure to go ahead and check out 11 Questions To Ask Before You Choose a Converter.

Don’t let the quality of your parts decline because your converter assumes they know what they’re doing. Put your trust in somebody with the right amount of experience, who will ask you the right until they have your ideal part made.


Lee K. House

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