Thermal Management Solutions For Cooler and More Reliable Performance

Dissipate heat in your products by engineering your electronics device with thermally conductive adhesive transfer tapes. Strouse engineers not only aid in material selection, but will help you design a component that can be easily integrated with your assembly process. These components not only provide a functional need for your product but can simplify assembly helping you to cut costs while enhancing performance by minimizing reliability concerns and reduced operational lifetimes that are often affected by heat.


Thermal Management Solution Applications

Electronics manufacturers source thermal management materials to solve a variety of application challenges. These applications include:

  • Heat Sink Bonding
  • Heat Spreader Bonding
  • Bonding Cooling Devices to IC Packages
  • Power Transistor Attachment
  • And More

No two electronic devices are the same, therefore each requires a unique solution that fits into the design of the product and can easily and repeatedly be placed for consistent assembly. We source thermal management materials from 3M and other leading adhesive manufacturers. Whether you are in the design stage or looking to spec in a thermal management component for your product, our engineering team can help.

You can also request a sample part or sample materials to trial through Sample Express.