About Hydrocolloid Adhesive

Hydrocolloid adhesive is a medical-grade adhesive used often in surgical settings and wound care products. The opaque adhesive is a gel-like conformable material that provides non-breathable adhesion to the skin allowing moisture to be trapped under the surface and promote the healing process. The conformable material allows for products to be applied to body areas that are often problematic to provide coverage such as heels, elbows, the sacral area and others. Most hydrocolloids are also waterproof allowing patients to wear the adhesive for several days even through normal washing and bathing. The nature of hydrocolloids makes it amenable to converting methods to create tight tolerance dressings and wound care solutions for the most critical of applications. New to wound care? Check this out.

Hydrocolloid Adhesive

Converting Hydrocolloid Adhesive

Strouse converts hydrocolloid adhesive and other pressure sensitive tapes to custom sizes, shapes, and formats. Unlike other specialty materials, hydrocolloids are available in many thicknesses and can be converted to produce accurate finished parts that can meet tight tolerance standards.

As a specialty adhesive tape converter, Strouse provides rolls of tape slit to custom widths or medical tape components cut to custom shapes and dimensions. Finished components can be provided in multiple formats including finished parts wound on a roll of liner, parts on singular sheets of liner, or parts as individual pieces with a liner on one or both sides to protect any potentially exposed adhesive. These formats are designed to simplify your assembly process, so whether you apply medical tape components by hand or using machine automation, Strouse can design a solution that solves a functional need but is also customized to fit in with your existing processes.

We work on projects of all types from concepts drawn on a napkin to pre-designed components already spec'd into a project. Our diverse manufacturing capability allows us to provide you the material you need in the exact size, shape, and format required for your design and process while being able to scale for production in a cost effective manner.


Applications & Use Cases 

  • Wound Care Dressings
  • Dressings for Body Areas that can be Problematic to Provide Coverage
  • Much More

Popular Hydrocolloid Adhesives:

Strouse is a 3M Preferred Converter and can source hydrocolloid adhesive from 3M at discounts due to the large bulk orders we often place. We have over 75,000 rolls of material and more than 2,000 individual materials in stock at any given time. If you're looking for a specific material, just ask, but here are some of the most popular hydrocolloids:

  • 3M 9943
  • 3M 9944
  • 3M 9945
  • and Many More!

Other Medical Adhesive Tape Products Include:

Strouse die cuts and converts medical tape and flexible materials to solve many different adhesive applications. Our diverse manufacturing capability allows us to provide you the material you need in the exact size, shape, and format required for your design.

If you have a question about a project you are working on or think using pressure sensitive adhesive can bring your product to market faster contact us today!