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A Trusted 3M Partner

Increase your production capacity using proven advanced solutions

Guiding you through the flexible material world so you can launch your product. With Strouse, step into a reality where your problems are foreseen and solved, goals are met, and growth is a given.

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Launch your product on time and on target Avoid suffering manufacturing delays and added stress.  
Receive manufacturing guidance Optimize your production process with expert guidance.  
Tap into material expertise 34+ years of customer adhesive solution experience.  

Why You Should be Concerned:

An inefficient manufacturing process isn’t just about costs, it’s about potentially jeopardizing your brand, alienating investors, or even facing bankruptcy. Delays can mean:
Lost market share
Time is money, and delays will affect your business negatively.
Disappointed investors
You’ll want to avoid setbacks that affect your current goals.
A downward spiral
Production delays lead to shipping and product delays.

How Strouse Can Help You

At Strouse, flexible materials are only one piece of the puzzle, and you don’t want that to throw a wrench into your product launch. We help you by choosing the right material, designing the right part, and facilitating efficiency and scalability in your manufacturing process.
3M preferred converter knowledge
Strouse is a trusted source of 3M converted solutions, with access to advanced materials, high-end products, competitive pricing, and more.
Complex problem solving
When your products are in need of advanced engineering, our product development team will analyze your process, potential problems, and develop a solution customized to your needs.
Education-focused quoting process
You should know what’s happening in your production process. We provide educational resources throughout your journey to help you become an expert in production and converting.

Your Personal Plan

Every project has a unique process, and we’re dedicated to helping you bring yours to life.
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Step 1Share the vision of your productSubmit your product design to discuss production options.
Step 2Get a quote on your uniquely designed partFigure out how much it will cost to manufacture your design.
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Step 3Bring your vision to life, on time and on budgetBuild your product and have it ready to go when you need it.

Working With Strouse

Every converter has a different process. Working with a new converter can feel like a leap of faith. The goal of this ebook is to help you understand our approach and discover what it's like to work with Strouse. This ebook will teach you about our team and how they focus on solving your application challenges. 

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How and When to Choose a Converter to Partner With
  • Strouse's Discovery Process
  • Sample Express
  • The Art and Science of Converting
  • Our Quality Process
  • and More!

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Buyer's Guide to Die Cut Parts

It can be frustrating and confusing to navigate the complexity of material converting. We've created this guide from our years of unparalleled expertise in turning ordinary materials into extraordinary manufacturing solutions.

You cannot afford mistakes, which cost time, money, and reputation. Download this guide to start avoiding all of them.

ipad buyers guide to die cut parts

Converting News & Insights

The Strouse blog is no ordinary company blog. Everything we share (from materials to technology to product news) is not only helpful to anyone in converting, it’s presented through the lens of our 34+ years of experience and knowledge. What you see below are our latest blog posts, yet you're invited to explore our entire library of industry content.