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Convert flexible materials to suit your needs

For over 30 years, Strouse has converted flexible materials like tape, film, foam, soft metals, plastics, rubber, cloths and various others. 

During that time, we've worked with multi-billion dollar companies, startups, and everything in between. We know what it takes to scale rapidly, and we know how to do it reliably. We are experts at making complex tight tolerance die cuts, but we are also knowledgable in everything about converting. If we can't do it, we will send you to someone who can.

We don't just want to be your converter. We want to be your partner. This means we think about the whole picture; not just a portion of it.

Most good adhesive tape converters can provide you the material you ask for your project in the format you need. What Strouse provides is a complete adhesive solution that makes your processes more efficient. It's one of the reasons why we're a 3M™ Preferred Converter.

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Our Offerings

Rotary Die Cutting

High-speed die-cutting while reliably hitting tight tolerances.

Flatbed Die Cutting

Tight tolerance die-cutting or very stretchy materials

Laser Die Cutting

Intricate shapes where blades cannot get that close.

Lamination of Multiple Materials

The merging of multiple materials to make a unique stack up fit for your application.


Taking Jumbo Rolls and Making them a custom size for your application.

Sampling and Prototyping

Sample Express Provides Sample Rolls and Prototypes in an expedited matter to get the ball rolling. Often times, it could be free as well.

Just-In-Time Inventory Management

Get your inventory when you need it and stop worrying about lead times.

Clean Room Converting

Class 10,000 (ISO 7) Clean Room Converting with both flatbed and rotary options as well as packaging.

Automated Packaging & Kitting

Utilize robotic packaging to deliver your products ready to go to your customers. Contract Kitting is also available where robotics do not make sense.

Automated Assembly for Adhesive Components

After your die-cut is made, automate the assembly of your device with highly accurate placement of the die-cut part.


Taking one larger roll and turning into a number of very small width rolls to fit more material on a roll. Increases run time and decreases roll changes.


Get your printing done either via flexo or digital. Flexo is generally better for longer runs. Digital is generally better for shorter or higher quality print jobs.


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