What Our Customers Are Saying

Working with Strouse has been very beneficial to us. Always very responsive and they have helped us tremendously in troubleshooting some of our processes and offered solid solutions for improvement. That's money in the bank. We look forward to continuing to apply their expertise to our product lines, both new and existing.


AP Plasman

I have been in technical sales for 35 years and I have come to appreciate vendors that have a high level of customer and technical support. Strouse does an amazing job of listening to the needs of the customer and verbally communicating those needs back to the customer. Then they follow-up with a written quote and drawing to finalize the project. Overall, a very pleasant and painless experience.


Ellsworth Adhesives

Strouse has come through on projects that I thought never could be completed in the time allotted. Thinks outside the box and has come up with some great designs on products we have taken to market.


BGR, Inc.

The service at Strouse is simply amazing! They have top notch customer service. They truly value the customer and their needs.


Ellsworth Adhesives

I want to extend my personal thanks, and the thanks of Fujitsu Components America, for the extraordinary turnaround time on this emergency order. You delivered the parts a day early, allowing our customer to make a Prototype Production run with their customer’s Engineering team present. To put it simply, you saved the day!

Bruce, Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager, Fujitsu Components America