Do you have a question about a project you are working on? Ask one of our engineers and they will be glad to help. Strouse is one of a few converters who have a dedicated engineering team that focuses on process and product development. It’s important for us to understand your product from manufacture all the way to end-use. We design adhesive solutions that fit seamlessly into your product every step of the way.

We’ve answered questions about material specs, questions about projects drawn on napkin sketches, and even helped to create solutions to existing adhesive parts that can make your process more efficient.

Ask an Engineer Process

Step 1: Submit Your Question. Fill out the form on this page and our engineering team will handle your request right away. Our engineers will contact you confirming information about your project and work to find your answer.

Step 2: Let Us Get to Work. Whether it’s designing a product for your automation system, finding the perfect adhesive for your application, or answering questions about material performance, our engineers will work to find your answer.

Step 3: Get Your Answer. Our engineers will not only answer your questions but help you understand things.

Ask an Engineer TODAY!

We’ve been working with adhesives since 1986. Our suppliers often say we create parts that other converters think aren’t even possible.

Provide us with as much information as you can along with any drawings or sketches you may have. Don’t worry about it being perfect. We can work with any idea you send us. Submit the form and one of our engineers will be in touch with you shortly.