CLEAN ROOM MANUFACTURING — completely controlled environments


Complex Products Require Specific Manufacturing

Moisture and air particles can be detrimental, especially to medical and electronics products. Growth of bacteria and mold shortens the shelf-life of materials by altering adhesion levels and can ruin products that are applied directly to the skin.

Strouse’s ISO 7-certified cleanroom controls certain environmental variables, allowing us to produce adhesive products using a trusted, proven process.


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    To achieve ISO 7 certification, also known as Class 10,000, the maximum air particle count (.5 microns in size) must not exceed 352,000 particles per cubic meter. Ordinary room air contains at least 35,200,000 particles per cubic meter, making our clean room more than 100 times cleaner!

    Strouse’s clean room also uses an industrial dehumidifier to control humidity levels, and it’s equipped with a separator filter dryer (SFD), which helps us produce hospital-grade air for the clean room. The SFD separates dirt and air particles, filters the air, and removes any moisture to produce high-quality air.


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    Our clean room is equipped with advanced machinery, providing us with maximum capabilities for projects requiring us to follow strict regulations.

    • Rotary & Flat Bed Die Cutting
    • Laminating
    • Slitting
    • Assembly
    • Packaging


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