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rma process
Lee K. HouseMar 13, 20242 min read

What Does the RMA Process Look Like At Strouse?

So, you’ve discovered an issue with your order: what’s the best way to fix it?

Product defects can be frustrating, but a great company will address order issues clearly and painlessly. 

At Strouse, we make it a priority to provide excellent part components. However, if something slips through the cracks, it’s our duty to keep the customer informed.

Read on to learn how the RMA process works and which steps you can take to voice your concerns about an order. 

What is the RMA Process?

Unfortunately, despite our quality control process, accidents happen. That’s why Strouse has a streamlined Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process to ensure that any order mistakes are corrected. 

What Causes an Adhesive to Fail?

What Are the Steps of the RMA Process?

Let’s say there’s a problem with your order. What should you do first?


Before anything else, you’ll want to contact your CSA at Strouse and inform them of what’s happening. 

  • What is the issue?
  • What is the format of the product?
  • Boxes? Large rolls? 
  • What quantity of parts have issues?
  • What is the lot number?

Any information you can provide to help us understand what’s happening will speed up the process.


Again, the more information you can give us about your issue, the better. This includes any photos, videos, or data you collect about the defects. 

Photos and videos will serve as a reference for our engineers and operators to deduce what went wrong in the process. Once we can fully understand the issue, we can devise a solution.


You might be a little confused about this request, but samples of the defective order are helpful for several reasons. They help us:

  • Identify and document the issue (which will help us prevent it)
  • Use the example for our operators to reference in the future 


The resolution is the last and hopefully the most painless part of our RMA process: the part where we agree upon if anything can be done with the current order and discuss going forward. 

In certain cases, we might ask you to ship us the order back if there’s a chance of us fixing the issue or if it makes more sense for us to dispose of the order. However, if it was an overseas order (outside of the U.S.), we may also opt to pay for the disposal where you are— whichever makes more sense. 

Depending on the issue, we may either credit or replace the defective parts that fall outside the original production guidelines.  

How Long Will the RMA Process Take?

The length of the RMA process partially depends on how quickly you supply information or samples. In addition, if we discover an issue with the raw material supplier that has led to a defect, it could take longer to resolve. 

Final Thoughts

Although product defects are frustrating, knowing how to communicate and understand the return merchandise process should reduce the headache

If you believe something is wrong with one of your orders, it’s time to contact your customer success advocate with any information and samples you can provide. And if you’ve lost track of your Strouse CSA, send us a quick message here so we can reconnect you.

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Lee K. House

Copywriter & Content Creator for Strouse. Lee graduated from the University of Alabama in the Spring of 2022 with a double major in English and Spanish.