Tooling charges can quickly put a project on hold; even prevent it from ever getting started. 

That’s why tool-free digital converting is so crucial to our customers. This capability is an alternative to die-cutting and can quickly produce short runs of custom size and shape adhesive parts. We often provide sample parts of varying sizes that help engineers choose the right adhesive part in the design of their product.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Strouse can laser cut pressure sensitive adhesive to create custom shape and size sheeted parts. Our CO2 laser can be used to produce small quantity runs or sample parts cutting through adhesives, laminates, foams, and much more.

Flash Cutting

A flash cut press allows Strouse to cut thicker and denser materials compared to a typical flatbed or rotary die cutting machine. This machine also can produce sheeted parts up to 59-inch x 59-inch to tight tolerances. We load drawings on to the press, and components are then digitally cut, limiting the chance for operator error.   The flash cutter can cut through pressure sensitive adhesive, laminates, foams, foils, metals, and much more.

In-line Laser Cutting

In-line laser cutting is a unique capability that allows Strouse to laser cut rolled goods on a press. This press combines servo rotary die cutting with the benefits of a tool-free galvo-laser cutting machine. This machine can cut through polymers, papers, adhesives, organics, and composites in a variety of ways, including perforates, kiss-cuts, and thru-cuts.

The in-line laser allows Strouse to cut different dimension parts on a single roll. If you need to place a series of different adhesive parts either by hand or automation during your assembly, all of these parts can be sequenced on a single roll.

Benefits of Digital Converting

  • Minimal Cost
  • Minimal Commitment
  • No Tooling Required
  • No Design Limitations
  • Multiple Dimension Parts on a Single Roll
  • Tight Tolerance Parts
  • Great for Testing Design Changes

Are you working on a design of your own? Learn about Sample Express, the best way to test adhesives with minimal cost and minimal commitment.