More often than not, new product designs are engineered in a vacuum, in isolation from other departments, especially those in procurement. Procurement teams then try to source tens or hundreds of different materials for each product. The reality is that some materials, like adhesives, can play a much more critical role in the likelihood of success for a new product. That's why we created the Engineer's Guide to Selecting Adhesives for Medical Devices.

In this guide you will learn:

  • The one thing Medical Device Design Engineers can do to increase the likelihood of success for their new product
  • Questions converters will ask you about your design and how that can help uncover the potential for increased ROI
  • The advantages of working with a 3M Preferred Converter
  • How to think like an adhesive engineer, using a single material to solve multiple application and product challenges
Engineers Guide to Selecting Adhesives for Medical Devices


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What OUR CUSTOMERS are saying

"I have been in technical sales for 35 years, and I have come to appreciate vendors that have a high level of customer and technical support. Strouse does an amazing job of listening to the needs of the customer and verbally communicating those needs back to the customer. Then they follow-up with a written quote and drawing to finalize the project. Overall, a very pleasant and painless experience."

- Dan, Ellsworth Adhesives

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