3M 87630A is a polyester surface protection tape designed to protect glass, plastic, and metal on electronic devices. 

3M 87630A

This material is a self-wetting and anti-static polyester tape with acid free acrylate adhesive, clear PET film backing and a separate clear PET release liner. This ultra clear tape can be easily removed and has capacitive touch functionality. 

3M 87630A Application Ideas:

  • Protect Glass and Touchscreens on Electronic Devices
  • Protect Plastic and Metals on Electronic Devices
  • Protect Gloss, Painted Metal Signs and Panels During Processing and Transport
  • Much More

Converting 3M 87630A Surface Protective Tape 

This material can be easily die cut and converted into custom formats depending on your needs.

SlittingStrouse can slit rolls of protective film to custom widths. This provides you tape in the exact width you need for your task at hand. No excess or waste and no more using rolls that are too large and bulky or too small to get the job done. 

Die Cutting: This is the process of cutting a wide roll of surface protective tape into a custom shape or usable part for your process. Parts can be cut into different formats to fit seamlessly into your assembly.

Individual piecesProtective films can be laminated with liner on the adhesive leaving no exposed adhesive. This means that when parts are die cut they are provided as individual pieces that can be placed inside a bag.  

Sheeted Parts – Some assembly processes require multiple shapes or parts of the same material. This is where sheeted parts come in handy. Multiple parts can be cut onto a single sheet ensuring that your employees will use all of the required parts during assembly. This reduces error in your process as well as the potential for product failure.

Die Cut Parts on a Roll – This is our most popular format for providing die cuts. Custom cut parts can be provided on a liner in the form of a rolled good. This allows for hundreds or thousands of parts to fit on a single roll. This makes application of die cut parts easy and efficient as parts can be removed from the roll and the next part is ready to be peeled and placed.

Tabs or Extended LinersDie cut solutions are great for hand assembly or automated processes but sometimes removing the backing from an adhesive die cut can be difficult. Strouse simplifies this process by adding a tab to the part or extended liners that make it easy to remove the liner and place the adhesive. Liners can also be split backed saving your assembly team the frustration of removing thin liners while saving you time and money in the process.

Other Popular 3M Protective Films

3M 2A804 High Performance Film – For very smooth, high gloss surfaces.

3M 2A825 High Performance Film – For lightly textured or semi-gloss surfaces and or bending, embossing, roll forming or shallow draw processes.

3M 21825 Industrial Polyethylene – For punching, shearing or drilling processes.

3M 2A829 High Performance – For porous or other unique surfaces