Everything You Need to Know about Adhesive Converting

What is Adhesive Converting?

Posted by Sue Chambers Dec 11, 2013 3:46:00 PM

Strouse is an adhesive converter. We also convert foam, films, paper, plastic, soft metals, and other materials. But what does that mean? In it's simplest form we take raw material adhesive and 'convert' or turn this into usable parts. These materials often come in large rolls that are of little or no use at all to customers. Master rolls can be too large to effectively handle, not the shape or size you need, or not finished the way you need it. That's when manufacturers make the call to Strouse.

We take larger rolls of raw material and make them into usable parts. The best analogy is to a commercial baker. The commercial baker buys raw ingredients like flour, sugar, salt, milk, eggs, etc. They don't make them, but because they are actively in the market, they know the right vendors to get them from. They then turn those raw materials into delicious baked goods that their customers want. Their customers aren't interested in flour alone, because it doesn't help them solve their sweet tooth. Similarly, Strouse doesn't make their adhesives, foams, films, paper, plastic, soft metals, etc., but we are always in the market so we know virtually everyone that makes these materials, which makes us uniquely better at sourcing the right materials. We are then able to take these materials and turn them into something our customer would want.

Sometimes it is as easy as slitting or spooling a single material. Sometimes we need to laminate multiple materials to create a unique product. More often than not, Strouse will need to die cut materials to create a custom size and shape product that fits the customer's needs. We have the ability to do this either rotary, laser, or digital. It simply depends on our customer, and that is why we always put our customer's needs at the top of our priorities. We are a converter that develops a solution for you to meet your needs.

In sum, adhesive converting takes raw materials and makes them into something you actually want and need. Converting materials can be done multiple ways.

Sue Chambers

Written by Sue Chambers

President and CEO of Strouse