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Strouse Merges Spooling with Advanced Adhesive Die Cutting Technology

Posted by Sue Chambers Jul 23, 2013 2:50:00 PM

Strouse customers reduce downtime with new spooled adhesive.

WESTMINSTER, Maryland - Strouse has acquired a computerized traverse winder from Independent USA. This investment increases the capabilities offered by Strouse providing customers with even more cost saving solutions.

It is Strouse's vision to be a leader in the custom adhesive solutions industry through strategic investment in sophisticated technology and creative, skilled employees that provide solutions to enable customer growth in global markets.

“Strouse's customers continue to look for ways to cut costs, increase production rates and reduce waste,” says Ian Hamilton, Sales Engineer at Strouse. “By adding spooling capabilities with our die cut adhesives, this is one more service we can provide to boost our customer's efficiency.”

Spooling is the process of splicing multiple rolls and wrapping them together to create one large roll or reel. Large reels of adhesives offer many benefits to a manufacturing line. Reels eliminate changeovers on press reducing material handling time for operators. Machines are therefore kept running with less stoppage time, maintaining an efficient output. This also helps to reduce material scrap and waste.

Strouse is a die cut adhesive manufacturer with over 25 years of industry experience. Serving the medical, automotive, military, appliance, and renewable energy industry, Strouse continues to innovate. With a quality management system currently registered to ISO 9001:2008 standards, Strouse not only has a commitment to quality but excellent customer service. A full team of design and development engineers allows Strouse to invest the necessary time and resources for each and every project. Located in Westminster, Maryland, Strouse can be contacted directly at 1-800-410-8273 or visit our website for more info at www.strouse.com

Sue Chambers

Written by Sue Chambers

President and CEO of Strouse