Do more with less.

If you’re a manufacturer, you know this has been the expectation for years.

Manufacturers have experienced many pressures that affect their operations and bottom line. One way to adapt is to optimize inventory; truly understanding inventory levels and discovering efficiency opportunities through use of automated component tracking systems that enable end-to-end traceability of individual components.

This level of tracking can improve assembly line performance, help identify defects in products during manufacturing, improve overall quality, increase production yields, and more. However, in order to track components, labels need to be readable by automated tracking machines. That’s when PCB labels become so vital.

What are Custom PCB Labels?

Printed circuit boards (PCB) and other components continue to get smaller in size. That makes high-quality printing more important than ever. If automated tracking machines can’t read or register components throughout the process, tracking becomes flawed and data is unreliable.

In addition to label quality being important, how labels are applied to each individual component is vital. Experienced converters provide printed labels for component tracking in custom sizes, shapes, and formats. Tabs and extended liners can be added to labels to simplify application and/or removal.

Lastly, PCB labels must withstand many rigorous manufacturing processes — soldering, galvanization, cleaning, and other high-temperature processes — which could diminish the readability of the tracking labels.

True Partnership is Invaluable

It’s never been more important for manufacturers to work with an experienced, full service converter that specializes in printing, complex tight-tolerance die cutting, and converting durable materials that withstand processing demands. Discussing your manufacturing processes with your converter helps identify the ideal materials to use for your specific labeling needs.

To provide exactly what customers need, smart converters (such as Strouse) partner with leading adhesive manufacturers. For instance, FLEXcon specializes in high-temperature labeling that’s often required in component tracking for printed circuit boards and product manufacturing.

FLEXcon PCB label materials:

• FLEXcon THERMLfilm HT PI2W50G — 2 mil polyimide film
• FLEXcon THERMLfilm HT PI2W150G — 2 mil polyimide film
• THERMLfilm HT 9003 — 1 mil polyimide film
• THERMLfilm HT 9000 — 2 mil polyimide film
• THERMLfilm HT 9001 — 2 mil polyimide film
• THERMLfilm HT 9002 — 1 mil polyimide film
• FLEXcon THERMLfilm HT PI1W50K — 1 mil polyimide film
• FLEXcon THERMLfilm HT PI1W150P — 1 mil polyimide film
• FLEXcon THERMLfilm HT PI1W50G — 1 mil polyimide film
• FLEXcon THERMLfilm HT PI2W50K — 2 mil polyimide film

Strouse custom format labels:

  • Rolls — Custom cut labels can be provided on a roll of liner allowing for hundreds or thousands of labels to fit on a single roll. This simplifies the application of labels as they can be peeled and placed from the roll or applied using automated machinery.
  • Individual Labels — Labels can be cut to individual pieces on their carrier liner and are provided as individual labels that can be placed inside a bag.
  • Tabs — Labels are either designed for hand or automated placement, but sometimes removing the backing from an adhesive label can be difficult. Strouse simplifies this process by adding a tab to the label or extended liners that make it easy to remove the liner and place the label. Liners can also be split backed, saving your assembly team or end user the frustration of removing thin liners while saving you time and money in the process.

Choosing a converter to handle the intricacies of PCB labels isn’t easy. At Strouse, we take pride in our leadership; in converting flexible materials, pressure sensitive adhesives, and PCB labels. Having 34+ years of industry experience enhances product performance and makes processes more efficient. Our goal is to hear you say, “We solved it with Strouse.”

Ready to learn more? If you don’t know flexible material converting inside and out, read our guide, Flexible Material Converting Q&A. Just click the button below to get your copy. If you need immediate help with PCB labels, give Strouse a call today (800)-410-8273 or you can ask an engineer about adhesive solutions today!

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Scott Chambers

Written by Scott Chambers

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