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Posted by Sue Chambers Apr 24, 2017 8:00:00 AM

3M™ Water-Soluble Wave Soldering Tape 5414 is a new product designed for use in electronics assembly processes where printed circuit boards are wave soldered. This transparent tape can be used to mask gold fingers during wave soldering and it completely dissolves during standard aqueous cleaning processes.

3M 5414 is a 2.1 mil (0.053mm) pressure sensitive tape constructed of poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) backing, synthetic water-soluble adhesive, and a kraft paper liner. A standard roll of this material is 36 yards (33 meters) in length.

The key features of 3M 5414 include:

  • No adhesive residue is left on the surface upon removal
  • Low static upon liner release and when taping circuit board
  • Moisture barrier packaging plus desiccant
  • Humidity extremes do not affect tape properties
  • Easy manual and machine application

3M™ Water-Soluble Wave Soldering Tape 5414 is best applied to clean, dry and non dusty surfaces above 0°C. To improve the adhesion of the material, apply firm and even pressure during placement.

Strouse converts 3M 5414 and other pressure sensitive adhesives to custom sizes, shapes, and formats. Finished components can be provided in multiple formats including finished parts wound on a roll of liner, parts on singular sheets of liner, or parts as individual pieces with a liner on one or both sides to protect any potentially exposed adhesive. These formats are designed to simplify your assembly process, so whether you apply the adhesive by hand or using machine automation, Strouse can design a solution that solves a functional need but is also customized to fit in with your existing processes.

Learn more about 3M 5414 by downloading the technical data sheet here.

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Sue Chambers

Written by Sue Chambers

President and CEO of Strouse