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Production Plant Appreciation Day

Posted by Sue Chambers Jul 22, 2014 8:26:00 PM

Hard work rarely goes unnoticed, but when you see it every day it’s easy to become accustomed to it. That’s why the Sales team at Strouse wanted to show their appreciation to the employees working in our production plant. Our Sales staff provided salad, pizza, drinks, and cake as a token of appreciation. The workers in our production plant are the backbone of our business and without them we would not be able to promise our customers the tightest tolerance die cut adhesives.


Production Plant Appreciation What better way to say thanks than a delicious cake?

Thank you to our Press Operators. Day in and day out they are working on the toughest jobs. They are figuring out ways to make more accurate converted adhesive parts while minimizing material waste.

Thank you to our Assemblers. They work carefully and consistently to assemble our medical device adhesive products while ensuring they exceed our quality standards.

Thank you to our Rewind and Finished Goods staff. They are the ones who clean up messy splices, quality inspect adhesive parts, package orders and prepare them for shipping.

Without this staff and everyone else in our production plant Strouse wouldn't be who we are today. It’s why we are More Than Tape.

Sue Chambers

Written by Sue Chambers

President and CEO of Strouse