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PSAs from Strouse

Posted by Sue Chambers Dec 27, 2013 1:21:00 PM

No we aren't talking about public service announcements. When you hear our engineers talk about PSAs we are talking about Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, one of the many types of adhesives on the market. What is a pressure sensitive adhesive?


3M Pressure Sensitive adhesive Rolls of 3M pressure sensitive adhesive.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive – Adhesive and tapes which are aggressively and permanently tacky at room temperature and firmly adhere to a variety of surfaces when pressure is applied from your finger or hand.

In fact, you probably used pressure sensitive tapes over the holidays to wrap gifts. Scotch tape is one of 3M’s most popular PSAs. Other popular pressure sensitive adhesives include masking tape, duct tape, packaging or box sealing tape, as well as surgical and electrical tape.

Strouse works closely with leading pressure sensitive adhesive manufactures across the world to provide you converted solutions. PSAs are used everywhere you look. As converted parts, they can be seen on labels, medical dressings, and permanent bonding solutions for automobiles, circuit boards, LED screens, and so much more. PSAs at Strouse are More Than Tape.

Sue Chambers

Written by Sue Chambers

President and CEO of Strouse