No one wants to buy a brand new car all scratched up.

In fact, scratches cost manufacturers millions of dollars in repairs and returns every year. Vehicle components and other products are subject to scratches, dents, and dings all throughout the manufacturing process. From the component manufacturer to the assembly line process to the service center or dealer, critical surfaces are exposed to scratches and damage.

You can protect the surfaces of your product with temporary protective films.  Easy to apply and easy to remove without leaving any adhesive residue behind, these materials are the smart and cost effective solution to protecting your products.

Surface protection materials can be converted to exact sizes and shapes depending on your product and the surfaces you want to protect. Strouse manufactures products that can be applied automatically or products that are designed to be hand applied. Tabs and perforations allow for easy hand application of protection films with a simple peel, tear, and stick.  


Surface Protection Solutions

  • Wheel Masks that Protect Wheels During Transit
  • Automotive Spoiler Masks for Surface Protection During Manufacture
  • Bumper Protection During Transit
  • Fascia Masks to Protect Appliances During Assembly
  • Color Coded Products Help You Differentiate the Right Size Mask to Apply for Your Products
  • And More

Dust, dirt, debris, and UV rays can all degrade a product from showroom floor condition to looking slightly used. Learn more about surface protection films and how they can help protect the surfaces of your products.

You can also request a sample part or sample materials to trial through Sample Express.