As devices become smaller, thinner, and lighter, managing EMI and RFI has become a growing challenge. 

Check out this article if you don't know the basics of EMI Shielding. Electronics components can emit signals that interfere with other devices, causing product failure. EMI shielding tapes can be converted to custom sizes and shapes to prevent these signals from affecting other components and products. Foil tapes help to absorb or provide shielding and protection from electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference, and electromagnetic pulse.

EMI Shielding Solutions

EMI Shielding Solutions

  • Rolls of Shielding Tape Slit to Custom Widths
  • Shielding Tape Cut to Custom Shaped Parts
  • EMI Gaskets with Adhesive
  • Grounding Tape
  • Thermally or Electrically Conductive Materials
  • And More

Strouse converts EMI shielding tapes and pressure-sensitive adhesive to custom shaped components for electronic assemblies that help organizations improve product performance, processes, and.  This allows you to use the minimal amount of material necessary for EMI or RFI shielding purposes while helping you manage costs and the weight of your product.

EMI Shielding Materials

Depending on the application, a variety of material can be used to EMI shield your device. Copper, aluminum, embossed, and tin-plated materials are the most popular, and all of them can be die-cut to shape, which will fit precisely into your products regardless of whether they are thin or low profile applications. Their conductive adhesive also offers static charge removal, to eliminate potentially dangerous static build-up. 

RFI/EMI Shielding Tape Characteristics

  • Superior abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Flame retardant
  • Flat or embossed
  • Conductive adhesive for grounding and shielding

Shielding Tape Applications:

  • Shielding of seams or holes in shielded rooms
  • Shielding around Individual electronic components and cables
  • I/O shielding panels
  • Shielding of keyboard devices
  • Used around the outside of coils, relays, and other components to prevent broadband EMI emissions
  • Shielding doors and panels of electronic cabinets and enclosures
  • Shielding of electro-medical devices
  • Ground panels or shields for electronic cables and connectors

Popular 3M EMI Shielding Tapes

You can also request a sample part or sample materials to trial through Sample Express. We can produce short runs, whether you need one part or a few hundred parts for testing.