As devices become smaller, thinner and lighter, managing EMI and RFI has become a growing challenge. 

As devices become smaller, thinner, and lighter, managing EMI and RFI has become a growing challenge. Electronics components can emit signals that interfere with other devices causing product failure. Foil tapes and other materials help to absorb or provide shielding for electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Electronics Devices Require EMI Shielding Solutions

EMI Shielding Solutions

  • Shielding Tape Cut to Custom Widths
  • Shielding Tape Cut to Custom Shaped Parts
  • EMI Gaskets with Adhesive
  • Grounding Tape
  • Thermally or Electrically Conductive Materials
  • And More

Foil tapes and other EMI shielding materials can be converted into custom shaped parts for electronic assemblies. This allows you to use the minimal amount of material necessary for EMI or RFI shielding purposes while helping you manage costs and the weight of your product.

Popular Electrical Shielding Tapes

You can also request a sample part or sample materials to trial through Sample Express. We can produce short runs, whether you need one part or a few hundred parts for testing.